how to care for a child : When to take your baby to the Hospital

My husband and I are actually obtaining the last of our essential child necessities list for our baby (my due date is in 3 weeks).  He inspects it and mentions “Why a thermometer?  We do not really need that immediately do we?”

His logic was, the temperature taken through our hands will be just as revealing as taken electronically.
I then had to explain to him that an exact temperature is important when the baby is sick… So, we bought a thermometer. … exactly what do I do next?  How do I know when to take my baby to the Hospital?

Listed below are some danger warning signs that indicate the need for a call to the hospital… Continue reading


Why pregnant people shouldn’t get the flu shot (conspiracy theory)

I just posted an article on Why People Should Get the Flu Shot.  I figure it is only fair to share the other side of the coin.

These are not my opinions, but reasons people give for not getting the flu shot.  For that reason I will be writing from their voice with my thoughts in red.

  • It is ineffective : Research has revealed the flu shot is not particularly successful in stopping the flu. Scientists simply “ speculate ” which specific flu virus is going to be active that year (true, they can’t be protect against every strain with one shot). There usually are a lot of specific flu virus going around, nevertheless vaccines have merely two to three. There is also no major decrease of flu rates each year, suggesting the vaccine is important: three percent of individuals who are not given the flu shot acquire the flu virus, while two percent who were immunized to the flu come down with the flu. WHAT? We’re looking at a 1% variation! Is it actually worth it?  I say yes because if you have a population in a town of 100,000 and everyone got the flu shot, you would have 1,000 people who didn’t get the flu who would have otherwise.  Also, you have to take into consideration that those 1,000 who didn’t get sick also limited the spread of the virus.  Meaning more than 1,000 people of the 100,000 population was spared the flu for the year.
  • It contains thimerosal – The nasty toxin which some people are blaming for autism (which, incidentally, I don’t Continue reading

Why pregnant people should get the flu shot

I went to a OBGYN to my final appointment, the time previous to this I got inquired about the flu virus vaccine and had been instructed that the shots had not arrived yet. This last time, this particular helpful nurse whom took my weight along with inspected my blood pressure level went to grab the shot for me. Before she left she told me it’s women that are pregnant who get the shot first due to the fact that it is a ‘two for one’ deal (the bundle of joy getting vaccinated along with the mother).

The shot itself had been relatively pain free, I previously had one when employed at a temp job, but during this vaccine there was plenty of lingering discomfort inside my left shoulder near the injection site. It ended up being still sore for five days after. Which leaves me a bad impression of flue shots.

At any rate, when I pointed out to my mother not to embrace me tightly on my shoulders. She gave me the mother look. In Continue reading

Postpartum Girdle

I already have a maternity belt and I purchased postpartum girdle, I obtained them both on the net early in my pregnancy.  After making the purchase, I figure I should learn what the postpartum girdle is supposed to achieve.

A maternity belt is involved with delivering the pregnant mother some relief through the burden of producing a baby (mainly the tummy, pelvis, back, etc…). On a side note the belly band I bought finally had to be substituted with a new 2-part maternity belt because the other one would relentlessly flip on itself and in the end it was simply utilized for supporting my trousers from dropping off. Which can be important too..

The postpartum girdle is used almost immediately after the childbirth with the hope it will help you to get into the form you possessed prior to your pregnancy. It also helps to reduce soreness with the movement of your currently re-organized insides. Postpartum girdles can often be utilized around the clock seven days a week (not including baths needless to say!) as long as is individually needed.

Postpartum girdles can also aid you in fitting back into your outfits from before being pregnant.  Also, helping you loose Continue reading

Reduce Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy PainThe sciatic nerve is the largest nerve inside your body. It’s the one which brings the feeling on the back of your legs and also the bottoms of your feet. Once it hurts it hurts. If you’re pregnant it’ll act up given it is located along beneath the uterus and down the spine before it can go to your legs. Since your fetus develops it puts pressure to the nerve and …OOOUUUCH!.

Tingling like pins and needles, burning, shooting pains in the back or rear. Sometimes I can’t even go for a walk due to the fact it shows up wrapping throughout my both lower leg generally. It’s its not all the time though thank God. For a lot of women it exists for a while following birth!

Here’s 10 ways to minimize yourself of your pain.

1-Have a warm bath. The warm water works to relax and just is enjoyable.

2-Lay on your left side & expose hot and cold wash cloths to the hurting places. If an electric heating blanket won’t stay (because you’re upon your left) try tying it on with a lengthy towel.

3-Pelvic extends are nice! Yogic exercises if that is your bag. Try tilting your pelvis forward until you have gone so far as you are able to go in a relaxed manner. Hold it just for a count of 5, relax, repeat providing you want. You will not look especially attractive but I have done this in public before!

4-Evade heavy lifting whenever possible, I have a husband for that! I find that even my library ladies are more than happy to take my books over to my car for me. Sweet ladies!

5-Do not stand up for very long amounts of time.

6-Use your maternity band. I’ve got one from Medela that I discovered at a garage sale but in all honesty it mostly just supports my pants, although it has to flip over all continually. It’s troublesome when I’ve been wearing it around for quite a while however when I remove it I am aware it actually was doing some good. I borrowed a scanner belt from work at the airport (basically a thick elastic belt-sized band) and clip it around my hips, it is actually effective in supporting my pants and containing my poor, loose, hips without getting annoying. Plus I’ve heard you may get insurance to cover it along with a doctors order.UPDATE: My husband bought me a Maternity Support. I don’t wear it all continually, however, if I must stand or walk it assists a lot!

7-Alternative medicine? My mother is an acupuncturist and I have found it really helps get rid of the pain. Personally I favor massage! Though if you schedule acupuncture/ massage for yourself make sure they are experienced to work with a pregnant person.

8-Spending time in a pool; I haven’t got a pool however, if you do, the feeling of weightless is really a Godsend!

9-Ask your physician about  medications for pain.

10-Sleeping is important any ways and passing time resting those muscles is a wonderful thing.

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