how to care for a child : When to take your baby to the Hospital

My husband and I are actually obtaining the last of our essential child necessities list for our baby (my due date is in 3 weeks).  He inspects it and mentions “Why a thermometer?  We do not really need that immediately do we?” His logic was, the temperature taken through our hands will be just as […]

Why pregnant people shouldn’t get the flu shot (conspiracy theory)

I just posted an article on Why People Should Get the Flu Shot.  I figure it is only fair to share the other side of the coin. These are not my opinions, but reasons people give for not getting the flu shot.  For that reason I will be writing from their voice with my thoughts […]

Why pregnant people should get the flu shot

I went to a OBGYN to my final appointment, the time previous to this I got inquired about the flu virus vaccine and had been instructed that the shots had not arrived yet. This last time, this particular helpful nurse whom took my weight along with inspected my blood pressure level went to grab the […]

Postpartum Girdle

I already have a maternity belt and I purchased postpartum girdle, I obtained them both on the net early in my pregnancy.  After making the purchase, I figure I should learn what the postpartum girdle is supposed to achieve. A maternity belt is involved with delivering the pregnant mother some relief through the burden of producing […]