Why pregnant people shouldn’t get the flu shot (conspiracy theory)

I just posted an article on Why People Should Get the Flu Shot.  I figure it is only fair to share the other side of the coin.

These are not my opinions, but reasons people give for not getting the flu shot.  For that reason I will be writing from their voice with my thoughts in red.

  • It is ineffective : Research has revealed the flu shot is not particularly successful in stopping the flu. Scientists simply “ speculate ” which specific flu virus is going to be active that year (true, they can’t be protect against every strain with one shot). There usually are a lot of specific flu virus going around, nevertheless vaccines have merely two to three. There is also no major decrease of flu rates each year, suggesting the vaccine is important: three percent of individuals who are not given the flu shot acquire the flu virus, while two percent who were immunized to the flu come down with the flu. WHAT? We’re looking at a 1% variation! Is it actually worth it?  I say yes because if you have a population in a town of 100,000 and everyone got the flu shot, you would have 1,000 people who didn’t get the flu who would have otherwise.  Also, you have to take into consideration that those 1,000 who didn’t get sick also limited the spread of the virus.  Meaning more than 1,000 people of the 100,000 population was spared the flu for the year.
  • It contains thimerosal – The nasty toxin which some people are blaming for autism (which, incidentally, I don’t believe this is accurate, although who knows) Yes, if you get a flu vaccination, you will be injecting mercury (together with aluminum, as well as a a variety of similar toxic substances) within the blood stream. These can cause nerve damage and also deteriorate ones own immune system. I understand people like using the flu shot to blame for things they can’t explain (like Autism or some seizures) but there is no evidence as of yet to show these things are caused by flu shots
  • The “negative effects” from the flu shot are approximately the same as getting the flu – Most common unwanted effects can be a fever more than 100 degrees fahrenheit, runny nose, in addition to a sore throat. Some people may encounter throwing up, diarrhea, etc. like the flu!This is partially true.  I personally got sick after getting the flu shot, which was a bummer, but I was working third shift and feel my immune system was at its lowest ability to fight what ever I got.  It also might have been something I caught from going to the hospital to get the shot
  • You can find better, healthier, more reliable ways of protect against sickness – Contrary to the “scientific community’s” philosophy (and I express that with quotations so that you understand the modest respect I have for them), there are methods of prevent the flu! Analysis indicates that washing your hands, improving your level of vitamin D, along with other things can fight off the flu, or lessen its effects. Sure these things help, but so does getting the flu shot.  The flu shot just offers a little more protection.

For much more information, see my other post today, Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu and others articles at my blog on maternity belts.


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